SAC Recognizes Athletic Trainers During Athletic Training Month

March is National Athletic Training Month, and the SAC is pleased to recognize the athletic training staffs at each of the conference's 12 member institutions.

Athletic trainers are healthcare experts who specialize in prevention, recognition, management and rehabilitation of injuries that result from physical activity. Athletic trainers work under the direction of a licensed physician and collaborate with other healthcare professionals, coaches, parents and administrators.

Sports injuries can be serious. These healthcare professionals have the education and training in treating sports injuries involving the musculoskeletal system, as well as heat illness, spine and neck injuries, sudden cardiac arrest, and in recognizing the often subtle signs or symptoms of a concussion.

"The athletic trainers at our member schools are on the front lines of preserving the well-being of student-athletes," said SAC commissioner Patrick Britz. "They are an invaluable resource not only to their campuses, but the SAC as a whole through their service at conference championships."



Ed Duvall, Monica Lopes, Kelsey Cannon



Colin Covelli, Ali Bush, Yu-Jin Shim, David Boyd



Mike Van Bruggen, Becky George, Brwyan Campbell, Katie Delinsky, Matt Cahoon



Bob Casmus, Brandon Auton, Eileen Bennett, Peter Bourque, Leslie Dent, Mike Eden, Jim Hand



Brittany Stone, Alyssa Sotomayor, Chelsea Hanway, Chris Jeppson



Dr. Michael McGee, Michael Flicker, Margaret Schenk, Dr. Stephanie Stadden, Tiffany Thompson, Luis Velez, Chelsea Pasukinis, Kaitlyn McFarland


Lincoln Memorial

Jack Mansfield, Donald Grigsby, Whitney Bailey, Celest Weuve, Kanisha Ward, Salea Willoughby, Michael Pringle, Jerry Hensley


Mars Hill

Allen Shelley, Chelsea Daugherty, Che Gothard, Amy Humphries, Danielle Jones, Mark Neely, Kelly Ottie



John Lopez, Jeff Coulter, Sarah Lyon, Marykate Griffin, Christine Muller, Kaitlyn Overley



La Tanja Batiste, Rebecca Rich, Michael Haber



Chris Lenker, Michael Hawkins, Amy Brooks, Tom Steuber, Kendall Murray, Tim Miesmer, Jeffery Dunkling



Tim Singleton, Sabrina Fordham, Magnus Lobo, Robby Wise, Kyle Barrow, Ashley Grodecki, Alexander Maginnis, Monique Prebensen, Dr. Traci Gearhart, Dr. Brandy Clemmer